Personal Finance 101

1. Free online service to track all financial accounts.  Mint is a must for getting your finances on track, you have to know where you stand.
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Credit Scores

1. Credit Sesame: Free Credit Score & Free Credit Monitoring
Free score and credit updates every month. Use to track payments made, outstanding balances, utilization, new accounts
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2. Free Credit Report
Website created by the Credit Bureaus for the public use. Free access to your credit reports from each Bureau free once a year.
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3. 1 Hour Online Class on How Credit Scores Work
Short Online Class Covering Credit Scores – Current link is a limited time offer for free access to the class ($19 value)
Note: I am the class creator and instructor
4. Credit Repair Strategy and Letters
Excellent sample letters for credit repair situations.


1. Stock Quotes: Yahoo Finance
2. Guide on ETF Investing: Seeking Alpha ETF Guide
3. Peer to Peer Lending: Lending Club
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Career Planning/Salary Negotiation

1. Finding Your Dream Job
2. Negotiating Your Salary


1. Lending Club: Debt Consolidation through Peer to Peer Lending
2. Debt Settlement Advice & Strategies

Budgeting/Expense Cutting

1. Travel Hacking Class: Learn to eliminate the cost of your biggest annual expense (vacations)
Note: I am the class creator and instructor